How do i register?

Click here to register.

What are the requirements to register?

You require a team of 3 people with at least one member to drive the Bluecar during the race. Driving member is required to be 21 years old and above, and hold a valid Class 3 driving license with not less than 1 year of driving experience. Participating members are required to be 18 years old and above.

What happens after registration?

You will receive an email and/or SMS to notify you of the results of the selection within two days from the expiry of the registration period. Please refer to the Registration Process here.


Can I cancel my registration after submission?

There is no an option to cancel your registration once you have submitted it. Please consider carefully before submission. If your team has been selected and you have made payment of the Participation Fees but your team is not available for the race, the Participation Fees for the team will be forfeited.

When and how do I make payment?

Once your team has been selected, you are required to make full payment of the Participation Fees.

How do I collect my race pack?

Once your team has been confirmed, you are required to collect your race pack at BlueSG office. Full details will be emailed to you upon confirmation.

How do I travel from station to station?

Your team will be assigned to a Bluecar throughout the race.

Where I should park when I reach the station?

All teams are required to park at BlueSG stations whenever available. Any third-party car park charges and/or fines will be borne by the team.

Is insurance covered for the team when driving the Bluecar?

Yes, insurance is covered for both the driving member and participating members during the usage of the Bluecar.

What happens to the BlueSG membership after the race?

The BlueSG 1-Week Account is only a temporarily membership for the driving member to drive the Bluecar. After the race, the driving member has an option to continue or terminate the membership.

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